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Henning Business Services

Business Services

In 1989, the City of Henning created Henning Economic Development Authority.  The EDA’s goal is to create jobs and broaden the community’s tax base by encouraging private industry to locate or expand in Henning. The Authority believes that public and private sector cooperation is the key to attracting new development to the community and encouraging future growth in the City’s business sector. The Authority has focused its efforts on industrial park expansion and housing development, offering low interest loans for gap financing.  Contact the City office at 218-583-2402 for more information.



Arvig Communications provides advanced communication services.  To learn more about telephone, internet and other business services

Henning Food Shelf


Location: 606 2nd Street, Henning, MN 

Hours: Monday's from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM

City Utility Servcies


The City of Henning owns and operates a natural gas and electric utility as well as sewer and water.  Contact the City Utilities office at 218-583-2402.

Real Estate Services


The City of Henning has lots available in the Industrial Park.  Businesses currently in the Industrial Park include a fiberglass production and tooling business, a truck and auto repair business, construction company, plumbing, heating and excavating business, turkey hatchery and auto repair.  To find out about local businesses for sale, contact the City office at 218-583-2402.

Chamber of Commerce

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Henning has an active Chamber of Commerce that sponsors many events throughout the year.  To find out more contact the Chamber at

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