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Henning Fire Department

Fire Chief

Michael R. Helle

First Assistant Fire Chief

Erick Guse

Second Assistant Fire Chief

Tim Eckhoff

Fire Fighters

  • Matt Reinbold

  • Erik Guse  

  • Jeff Arndt

  •  Rob Trosdahl  

  • Brian Brogard  

  • Garrett Greenwood  

  • Travis Gruber  

  • Jake Williams 

  • James Nelson 

  • Jonathan Eckhoff

Fire Fighters

  • Ben Oseien  

  • Scott Grabe  

  • Mark Fraki  

  • Jeff Weller

  • Tim Eckhoff  

  • Pete Wallevand  

  • Shawn Fosse  

  • Sean Rinicker

  • Troy Eckhoff  

  • Ethan Loock

Fire Fighters

  • Robert Johnson

  • Brenden Markuson

  • Jim Haberer

  • Eric Haberer

  • Dan Reese

City of Henning Fire Department

Henning Volunteer Fire Department

The Henning Volunteer Fire Department is comprised of approx. 25 members including the Chief and Assistant Fire Chief. They service all or part of six townships and the City of Henning. They also provide mutual aid to the surrounding fire departments. The Fire Department administrative support is provided by the staff at the City of Henning. We are proud to say that we’ve received an IFC rating of 5!

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