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Rental Information

The City of Henning owns an apartment building, Countryview Apartments. There are one and two bedroom units all on one level, each with an attached garage. For more information contact the city office at 218-583-2402.

Also owned by the city is Willow Creek Senior Living Center, an Assisted Living Facility. More information can be found at or by calling 218-548-6683.

Private Rentals

  • Beth Rose Apartments, Fergus Avenue, 218-770-7783

  • Blue Spruce Properties, Inman Street, 218-346-2195

  • Clement Manor (HRA), Holden Avenue,  218-583-2711

  • Country Corner Apartments, Douglas Avenue, 218-583-2100

  • Henning Homes, Holden Avenue, 218-583-2711

  • Jerry Haberer Properties, 218-282-0106

  • Star City Apartments, 2nd Street, 218-770-7783

  • Terry Wagenman Properties, Marshall Avenue and 3rd Street, 218-367-3092

  • Young Hillcrest Apartments, Inman Street 218-371-9289

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