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City of Henning Employment

The City of Henning appreciates your interest in employment with the City, Public Utilities and Willow Creek Senior Living!  All positions are posted until filled.

Open Positions

Mail all Hardcopy Applications to

City of Henning

612 Front Street 

Henning, MN 56551

Application Instructions

City of Henning is an Equal Opportunity Employer

You must submit a completed application in order to be considered for the position. Applications received using “see resume” will be treated as incomplete.  Resumes are welcome and encouraged, but may not be substituted for a City application form.


Applications which are incomplete, untimely, or filed for positions which are not open for recruitment will be rejected.

Read the job description of the position you are interested in carefully before applying. Pay particular attention to the preferred minimum requirements for the position as you may be required to demonstrate that you meet these in order to be considered.


These qualifications may take the form of education or training, experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, licenses, driving history and certificates.

In order to maximize your chances of being interviewed and selected for a position, it is critical that you take sufficient time and care when preparing your employment application to present clear and detailed information concerning your employment history, education and other relevant information. PLEASE NOTE: Carefully read and follow ALL instructions or application may be rejected.

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