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The City of Henning owns, manages, maintains and operates water, sewer, natural gas and electric utilities.  We invite you to contact us with any questions or information you may have concerning utility matters.  Our utilities department phone number is 218-583-4089.
Utility bills are sent out monthly, and are due the 20th of each month.

Brenden Markuson – Utilities Superintendent
Taylor (Jake) Williams – Utilities Technician
James Nelson – Utilities Technician
Travis Arndt – Utilties Technician
Jessica Strege – Utilities Billing Clerk

Utility Rates

Residential rates only.  Please contact the utility department for commercial rates.


Base Rate:            $9.95
$.086 per kwh
Summer rates:
Residential: $.113 per kwh
Commercial: $.111 per kwh

Click here for Energy Rebates

Click here for Rebate info updates


0-2,000 Gallons                           $37.00

Each Additional 1,000 Gallons  $  4.50


0-2,000 Gallons                              $31.31

Each Additional 1,000 Gallons     $ 5.50


Base Rate                                  $ 6.00

Per CCF                                      $   .885